Why Organization Development?

There are numerous consulting approaches. These vary from expert consulting to a process facilitating consulting in change projects of enterprises and organizations. Our leading principle is a holistic, systemic Organization Development (OD).

Systemic Organization Development

This means that the uniqueness of each organization and the people working there determine tailor-made solutions in change processes, developed under the active participation of staff and managers from different management levels.

Organization Development Consultant

The OD consultant does not simply give his solutions for problems, which is usually the case in expert consulting, but rather helps cooperatively identify problem solutions and facilitate the implementation and adjustment process. As a result, sustainable self-renewal processes emerge, which ensure independent creative renewal of an organization even when a consultant is no longer there.

Organization Development Approaches

Consulting in the area of Learning Organization, Lean Management, Change Management, Action Learning, Systemic Consulting, Total Quality Management and EFQM is based on the main principles of Organization Development. In the final analysis, these names are not so important (names are strongly fashionable). On the other hand, creative development of tailor-made, process-oriented self-renewal forces and skills of an organization is crucial.

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