Board Advisory Services

Are you a member of a Board of Directors? Then you know exactly what manifold challenges Board Directors master. The responsibilities of a Board of Directors are enormous, and expectations from the Board are high. The consequences of decisions are noticeable at all levels.

Strengthening Board leadership and effectiveness requires sharpening of Board members’ perception, awareness-raising and reflecting together. This will result in a better alignment of the Board with the vision and mission of the organization.

We have considerable experience in working with international and multi-national Boards of Directors in corporations and non-profit organizations. Some of the areas in which we have participated include:

  • Shaping Board culture and performance
  • Improving Board effectiveness
  • Facilitating Board meetings
  • Structuring decision-making processes
  • Supporting organisational development
  • Conflicts-resolving
  • Improving communication flow
  • Improving interaction with the CEO
  • Carrying out CEO performance management and evaluation
  • Improving business processes
  • Gaining insights jointly and thus jointly learning
  • Clarifying individual questions of Board members in Coaching.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your questions with you to find together the best opportunities for further development.

Board Advisory Services Feedback

“Thanks again for wonderful and enlightening few days. I am optimistic that real change will occur.”

Treasurer, Board of Directors

“Very dear Elena,
thank you so much for the truly miraculous workshop. I had wonderful memories and high hopes from 2011, but you surpassed all my expectations. Thank you very much for enabling us to overcome our divisions and dysfunctionalalities and to enjoy working together in addition to working well.”

Board Director